One of the "joys" of following the lesser independent bus operators in rural Ireland is the lack of, or misleading, information in the enthusiast press. Unlike rail where there is a good cohort of people looking at and reporting on changes, and the big companies (the semi-states, Aircoach etc), the smaller companies operate somewhat under the radar. Where companies are interlinked, more confusion can ensue!

The best known are possibly the Kavanaghs of Urlingford, with Pierce, Bernard and JJ operating in close proximity. Here in Portlaoise, we have no less than three Richard O'Briens holding operator licences, and until recently two other O'Brien firms (Sam & Marian still operating, and John O'Brien which is now Universal PSV). It is not surprising therefore that confusion can occur - even the PSV Circle have got confused, attributing the M&R O'Brien fleetname to the wrong Richard O'Brien licence in their G-List cross reference. So here is my (current!) understanding of the various O'Briens of County Laois. An asterisk indicates I have a photo of this vehicle.

Operator : Richard O'Brien
Trade Name : M&R O'Brien
Licence No : 210050334
Location : Clonboyne, Portlaoise, Laois
TM : Richard O'Brien
04KE3638 *
06KE9987 *
08MO3946 *
11G5544 *
01LS6013 *

Operator : Richard O'Brien
Licence No : 210052090
Location : Clonminam Road, Portlaoise,
TM : Richard O'Brien

Operator : Richard William O'Brien
Trade Name : Richies, Richie O'Brien Jnr
Licence No : 210049799
Location : Forest Park, Portlaoise
TM: Richard William O'Brien
08LS6632 *
02MH6020 *

Operator :Sam & Marion O'Brien
Licence No : Not known
Location : Kilminchy, Portlaoise
TM : Not known
10DL14146 *