The PSV Circle will be publishing the latest edition of their fleet list for Bus Eireann and Dublin Bus later in the year. I have just received the initial draft for checking and there are a large number of gaps relating to the Irizar body numbers of many of the Scanias. Does anyone out there keep comprehensive records for these vehicles. The vehicles I still need body numbers for are SC202-8/31/2/43-5/9-55, SC271-316/8-25, SE1-12/4-20 and SP33/4/6-8/63-90. Living as I do in Lisburn, there is little opportunity for me to physically check any of these vehicles myself. For anyone who comes across one of these vehicles, the body numbers are usually a five or six digit number which can be found on a plate in the stepwell. Thankfully chassis numbers are not a problem, I can usually get them from a number of sources.

Many thanks for any help received in filling these gaps.